Timur Sokolov

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Was born in 1972 in Arkhangelsk, Russia. He graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages and the Faculty of Law of the Pomorskiy State University. Since 1997 has served as advisor to the General Director of OJSC “Arkhbum” on legal matters. He is a member of governing bodies in a number of companies belonging to the “Titan” group.

Dr. Heinz Zinner

Member of the Supervisory Board

Was born in 1941. He graduated from the Commercial University of Vienna with a Doctorate degree. Worked in various companies in paper production and sales: Bunzl & Biach AG, Raccolta, Ekman, Wilfried Heinzel AG (Austria). Since 2003, he is the Managing Director of Pulp Mill Holding.

Stefan Prodöhl

Member of the Supervisory Board

Was born in 1961. He graduated from the Academy of Business in Hamburg with a degree in Business Administration, parallel Abschluss Holzkaufmann, Handelskammer. He worked in Rockhammars Bruk (Sweden), Caribbean Lumber (USA), Brügmann, (Germany). Since 1990 he works in the company of Jacob Juergensen Papier und Zellstoff as a sales manager for kraftliner board, since 1994 – as managing director and partner.

Valeriy Kudryavtsev

Member of the Supervisory Board

Was born in 1965. In 1987 he graduated in engineering. In 2000 he graduated from the All-Russian State Distance-Learning Institute of Finance and Economics, specializing in “Management”. From 1994 to 2006 he held senior positions in companies associated with the timber, pulp and paper industry. Since 2006 – Advisor to the General Director of OJSC “Arkhangelsk PPM.”

Dmitriy Zylev

Member of the Supervisory Board

Was born in 1970 in Arkhangelsk. He graduated from the Foreign Languages Department of PSU University and Arkhangelsk branch of the Institute of Finance under the Government of the Russian Federation, specializing in “Finance and Credit” (“banking”). He holds an MBA from SSE Russia (SSE). From 1996 to 2004 has been working at JSC “Arkhbum” in the foreign trade department. From 2004 to 2013 he held the position of Director of Economy and Finance at JSC “Arkhangelsk PPM.” From February 2013 till present – General Director of the company.

Olga Volkova

Member of the Supervisory Board

Was born in 1978.  She graduated from the Arkhangelsk State Technical University.  From 2000 to 2012 held management positions in marketing and advertising at OJSC “Arkhbum” and Kyiv CPM.